Clean Plate Campaign

A food waste awareness initiative by Food from the Heart

The world is producing more food than we can finish. Yet, food is being wasted in huge amounts in Singapore. In 2020, we generated 665,000,000kg of food waste on our tiny island alone.

Wasting food unnecessarily taxes the Earth’s limited resources such as land, water, and the use of fuel and packaging materials accelerates global warming.

The uneven distribution of food also means that needy households are going hungry while food is being thrown away.

Why Clean Plate Campaign

The Clean Plate Campaign emphasises the importance of reducing food waste by creating awareness of the environmental and societal impact of food waste. It seeks to instil the habit of mindful eating through its advocacy of ending each meal with a clean plate.

This campaign is part of Food from the Heart’s larger objective of redistributing food to the needy in Singapore.

Environmental Impact of Food Waste

Land, water and energy go into producing the foods we love. These are the earth’s limited resources and should be used with consideration.

Did you know? After incineration, domestic waste in Singapore disposed offshore at the Pulau Semakau landfill. According to NEA, Pulau Semakau is estimated to be fully filled by 2035. At the current rate, it is estimated that we will need a new landfill every 30 – 35 years.

Reducing food waste means conserving precious resources and reducing our environmental footprint!

Food Waste and the Social Landscape

Food from the Heart supported 53,700 needy households with putting food on the table in 2020, and many more households are facing food insecurity. Despite this, 665,000,000kg of food was wasted in Singapore within the same year. 

For those living in good circumstances, food is readily accessible and affordable in Singapore, but it is also a basic need and a limited resource and therefore should not be taken for granted. To balance out the even food distribution, food needs to made more available to the needy while food waste needs to be curbed by more conscientious habits and processes.

Redistribution of Food to the Needy

As a food charity, Food from the Heart seeks to change the social landscape of food in Singapore by redistributing food to the needy.

The Clean Plate Campaign goes beyond the straightforward rounding up funds and food donations for the needy. We seek to create food waste awareness and cultivate mindful food habits, and transform them into charitable dollars through the engagement of sponsors.

Pledge to save food to feed the needy today!

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