Reducing Food Wastage
Starts Young

Join us as an Individual

All it takes is a pledge to save food.

Go one step further and share the Clean Plate Campaign with your friends on social media, email, text, or all three – they’ll be glad you did!

Join us as an Organiser

Organise your own Clean Plate Campaign event to spread the word.

Anyone from like-minded friends who wish to come together to do well to green interest groups to tertiary students working on social projects – everyone is welcome to help us raise awareness about food waste and feed communities in need!

Join us as a Corporate

Give team-bonding activities a more meaningful spin with staff-organised campaigns and fundraisers.

Corporates can also engage Clean Plate Campaign to create a culture that is more in line with its values and adopt it as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Join us as a School

Compete with our other participating schools nationwide to achieve the most number of Clean Plates!

Students can also hone leadership and public speaking skills when they participate in the Campaign as Clean Plate ambassadors.

Materials for interaction and engagement will be provided for teachers to facilitate the campaign.

4 Tips for Reducing Food Waste