Reducing Food Wastage Starts Young

Clean Plate in School

Clean Plate at School

Old habits die hard.

That is why Food from the Heart’s Clean Plate Campaign was first started in Primary Schools in 2013, to start instilling mindfulness of food waste in students from young. The Campaign now reaches out to children as young as 4 years old by partnering with preschools such as PCF Sparkletots and Carpe Diem Mi.

From July to October, each clean plate counted in participating schools raises $1, donated by NTUC Fairprice Foundation, which goes to fund our Community Food Pack programme. In 2022, this program supported more than 12,000 families in need with consistent, monthly food support that they can rely on.

See how the every day Singaporean can help raise funds just by reducing food waste.


Top 5 Participating Schools

Haig Girls' School​

Clean plates

Palm View Primary School​

Clean plates

ASPN Chaoyang School

Clean plates

Greenwood Primary School

Clean plates

Rivervale Primary School​

Clean plates
Total Clean Plates Counted

Total Plates Counted

Participating Schools

  • Anderson Primary School
  • Ang Mo Kio Primary School
  • Anglo Chinese School (Primary)
  • APSN Chaoyang School
  • Beacon Primary School
  • Bukit Panjang Primary School
  • Carpe Diem Mi (Pre-school)
  • Changkat Primary School
  • CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel
  • CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace
  • Damai Primary School
  • East Spring Primary School
  • Eunos Primary School
  • Fern Green Primary School
  • Greendale Primary School
  • Greenwood Primary School
  • Innova Primary School
  • Jing Shan Primary School
  • Kong Hwa School
  • Lianhua Primary School
  • Maha Bodhi School
  • Mee Toh School
  • Nan Chiau Primary School
  • New Town Primary School
  • Ngee Ann Primary School
  • North Spring Primary School
  • PCF Sparkletots (Pre-school; 11 Centres)
  • Pioneer Primary School
  • Princess Elizabeth Primary School
  • Rivervale Primary School
  • Sembawang Primary School
  • Seng Kang Primary School
  • Springdale Primary School
  • St Anthony’s Canossian Primary School
  • St. Anthony’s Primary School
  • St. Joseph’s Institution Junior
  • Stamford Primary School
  • Tanjong Katong Primary School
  • Temasek Primary School
  • West Spring Primary School
  • Westwood Primary School
  • Woodgrove Primary School
  • Wellington Primary School
  • Xinmin Primary School
  • Xishan Primary School
  • Yuhua Primary School
  • Zhonghua Primary School

Food Waste Education in Schools

Why is food precious?

What is food waste landscape like in Singapore? What do we achieve by being mindful about food waste?

Most of us know that wasting food is bad, but for some, the link between the food we order today and its impact on the environment is unclear.

The key to successfully instilling mindful food consumption habits begins with giving a good ‘why’. By providing facts and context, the Clean Plate Campaign strives to help students better understand the importance of reducing food waste. This is done through talks, videos and other classroom materials. 

Clean Plate Campaign
in Action!

Clean Plate Campaign in Action!

To reinforce the message of mindful eating and avoiding food waste, the Clean Plate Campaign challenges students to finish their food.

In preschools and primary schools, students are encouraged to show Clean Plate ambassadors that they have finished their food. In higher institutions, students pledge to finish their food.

Each clean plate and pledge goes towards helping Food from the Heart raise funds to feed the less fortunate.

Enquire how to raise funds as a school/school group to feed the less fortunate through Clean Plate Campaign.