Tips to Reduce Food Waste

#1 Don't Over-Order

How much do you normally eat?

How hungry are you at the moment?

When a good deal comes a long, it might seem like better value to buy a larger quantity, but if the food is thrown away anyway, does that really matter?

#2 Ask for a Downsize

Notice what other customers have ordered; how big is the standard portion size?

Is their size your size?

If not, it’d be wise to size down!

#3 Share

Everyone knows a hearty eater. If you’re dining with one and know that you cannot finish what’s on your plate,  he or she might appreciate it if you offer some of yours. Note: to be polite, offer your food early instead of at the end of the meal.

Eating with a friend also means that you can widen your variety of dishes by sharing.

#4 Store for the Next Meal

Stashing away unfinished meals for when you’re hungry later on not just reduces food waste, it also helps save money. Just make sure you store them properly so that they’re safe to eat later!

Clean Plate Puzzles

Spread the Word!

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